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Fighting Love Truths by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

I never knew how important it was to express how someone makes you feel and how much they mean to you until I met you.

You have to be completely honest with them and yourself otherwise it just breaks you down slowly and bit by bit.

The most honest thing you can do for yourself is to accept the way you feel and don't fight it. The result you're looking to obtain may not be the one you wanted but at least your heart will be free.

Free from the burden of holding onto the feelings inside your heart. I have feared being so open to someone at the chance it could be used against me or not be reciprocated.

It is a very real thing that you can be in love with someone who will never love you back and I think that is a fear we all hold in our hearts. But don't let that feeling prevent you from expressing how someone makes you feel.

On a very personal note When I don't tell someone I love them it builds up and I can't stop crying. I start going into an anxious state of mind and it affects everything. My mood, my thoughts, my emotions, and I struggle to function.

It is truly a very destructive situation. I realize the only way to get through life is just to love no matter what. No matter the outcome or what I may or may not receive "I just need to love".

"I love you" are words that are said to very few people. So, please know if I have said or written them to you know that I faced a battle that was so tough, and to say them or write them took everything I had.

Don't just disregard them as three words. Or something that everyone says because I am not everyone.

Once they are said everything goes back to normal and my heart, soul, and mind are at peace, and as terrifying as it is for me I know that no matter what happens after I will always be ok.

Because the truth of my sharing my heart will always leave me feeling free. My heart is too big and beautiful to be kept in a cage of fear of not loving.

Today, tomorrow, and every single day into the future I will love and remain in love. Always.

The Lion and The Rainbow
Fighting Love Truths by Trisha Rapley

Fighting Love Truths...

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