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Final Goodbye by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

And that's it before you realise how much time has passed or even remember why you stopped talking in the first place, they're gone.

Life can be so many things cruel and unfair to name some. I want you to remember before we sit around and complain about what we did or didn't do we need to remember we had a choice.

We have a choice to not pick up the phone. We have a choice not to mend bridges with people we should. We have a choice not to forgive or forgive. We have a choice not to move forward putting our egos aside.

We each have the same choices and we are both responsible for what those choices decide.

I say this with such a heavy heart that no argument is worth losing someone over, no disagreement is worth never picking up the phone and no life should ever be changed because of your ego or who was right or wrong.

Time does heal all wounds but for the love of God don't let too much time pass before making amends to those who mean the most.

Final Goodbye by Trisha Rapley

Final Goodbye...

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