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Healing For Love by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

I guess we never really know how much we can take until we let our walls down.

By taking, I mean how much love we can allow ourselves to feel.

I've not let people in for longer than I can remember or let people get too close.

I really thought it was better that way, to stay guarded and safe. I think after a small amount of time just recently I realised you can receive too much love.

Love isn't something I'm used to receiving, kind thoughts, thankful wishes or people who need me.

I'm not always going to know what to do in the moments I am getting loved back... but I am learning it is ok to allow people in slowly.

It's ok to help restore people's strength while using theirs for myself or understanding that helping others see hope that I too should always believe there is hope for me.

I'm a little unsteady about how this all works and I'm going to need some time to figure it out.

Please don't think I am being rude but sometimes this world can be a little big for a woman who has done nothing but loves everyone else.

I'm going to try really hard to let some people become my friends but I can't make any promises.

I've been ok doing things on my own and changing things is a little hard when my comfort zone is my happy place.

But I promise I'll try.

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Healing For Love by Trisha Rapley

Healing For Love...

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