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I Love You by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

Days spent looking in the mirror will always be days you love a little harder and a little longer. So please do that today.

All the parts you never liked find the love you buried for them long ago. In the places, you refuse to go and dive deeper into the forgiveness those body parts needed.

You are beautiful, can't you see that? Every harsh word that has ever been spoken against you was a lie. The people that said it is no better than the criminal who just took a life.

Their words should never define the beautiful soul that you are. You have fought battles no one will forget and I sure as hell believe your being here is going to bring so many people back to life.

They'll be sorry they ever hurt you. I am standing with you now and God is standing next to us too. I'll never let anyone hurt again. I mean never, ever again.

The Lion and The Rainbow
I Love You by Trisha Rapley.

I love you...

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