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I'll Pray For Us by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

I hope that as you close your eyes tonight you not only know how much you are loved but you know how much I pray for you, for me, and for us...

Every night I reach out to God and I ask that he keep us both safe while protecting everyone else in the world.

I ask that he keeps filling our children's lives with love and happiness so that they find their way through life safely and courageously.

I remind him always that we need a little extra of his guidance while we are apart to help bring us back together again.

I pray that while we are becoming, growing, and learning he remains patient with us and to gives us the strength to endure the road ahead.

Tonight I will pray for you, for me, and for us...

The Lion and The Rainbow
I'll Pray For Us by Trisha Rapley

I'll Pray For Us...

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