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Loyal Depths by Trisha Rapley…

Updated: Oct 21

Loyalty is sacrifice…

It’s when we choose to grow in the most uncomfortable situations or through any and all pain that is associated with the growth to become a better mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife or friend.

Loyalty is staying true to the promises we make when we are learning, changing, growing, setting goals, and promising someone the world although at the time we couldn’t give it to them.

Loyalty is an act of love, a selfless act not just for ourselves but for all those we made an oath to.

Loyalty like all things is a choice a choice that needs to be made in every situation we face in life, when we wake up every day, and when we go to sleep each night.

It’s an action not just words and it’s the best way to prove to someone how much you love and respect them.

Loyalty isn’t just a promise to stay faithful it’s a promise to do whatever it takes no matter how hard things get while choosing to stay faithful instead of walking away.

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Loyal Depths by Trisha Rapley

Loyal Depths...

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