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Marriage by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

After speaking with so many elderly people and hearing their stories about a lifetime of marriage it's fair to say even though my first marriage failed after just one year I can say that I am looking forward to finding that special someone to marry again.

It may not be the 60-plus years I hear so many people have reached but any time frame really is just amazing. It's an accomplishment and honor to tell your story to people as we age but one to be solely proud of. Not only can you educate the people you come in contact with but give them hope.

That is what meeting new people does for me it gives me "Hope". Even after failing the first time round life has given me another opportunity to be completely happy by giving me more time and another chance at love.

I am an old-fashioned woman with old-fashioned morals. I have always believed in marriage and I made massive attempts to make it work the first time but there are just some situations that can't be accepted or forgiven.

It has in no way scared me off marriage or love for that matter and I know that when the time is right I will get another shot. It's funny you know what I love most about my life is the advice I am given by couples that have been married for 50 plus years, single mothers, and widowers (elderly).

They are straight shooters too well most of them. They were brought up in a world where if things were broken you fixed them. You didn't go out and buy something new, you really just worked at doing your best to rebuild it.

"It's that work hard for everything you've got a mindset that keeps me asking questions!" Maybe I am older than my age or maybe I am simply a woman who appreciates people who work hard at life and love....

Marriage is to me what water is to a plant. You need to look after it. Give it time. Give it love. Work on it when it is struggling and always offer it a place to grow when it needs to. It never will be just a piece of paper to me. It is an oath to each other until either one leaves this earth that this is your person, your everything and by signing a contract (marriage certificate) it is signed in front of God.

It doesn't have to be broadcasted to the world and it really only needs to make sense to the two going forward with it. But if you ask me it is "a celebration of a new chapter of life together and all things love should be celebrated."

The Lion and The Rainbow
Marriage by Trisha Rapley


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