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Old Fashioned Love by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

I am undoubtedly a giver, not a receiver. You've had a long day? A bad day? A stressful day?

Come lay with me and put your head on my chest tell me all about it. Let the stress of the day be released onto me.

And while the weight of letting it all out begins let me take off your shirt.

"I will love you even harder on the days you didn't think you would make it through..." And today I will use my touch.

With my hands and fingers covered in oil pushing deep into your back. Long strokes; my hands needing into your back to relieve the tightness of your muscles and neck.

It fills my soul to make you feel a way that only touching can bring. To bare the weight of your burdens in my soul knowing you feel better.

There's no urge greater for me than to be the reason you are calm and relaxed. The way my hands engulf your body and my fingers hit the spots that are the tightest. A massage only fit for my King.

Perched over your body with my legs spread over you. Digging and needing deeper with every touch until I find the right spot.

Every part of my body needs to heal whether it is your body, mind, or soul. Find comfort in all forms of my love not just on the days that are difficult but the days you only just crave my touch.

The Lion and The Rainbow
Old Fashioned Love by Trisha Rapley

Old Fashioned Love...

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