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Outcomes Prayed For by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

There’s a remarkable strength that appears when we are facing uncertainty.

I know through these times the presence of and trust in Jesus must outweigh the fear of not making it through them because when we choose Jesus to stand with us in these times we also choose His outcome.

I have to tell you there’s no easy way to accept that despite your good choices and your hard work bad things happen, and that’s life.

You just have to find the strength to decide that although the results or prognosis are not what you had hoped for you’ll continue despite them because your faith will carry you through while Jesus heals you.

And I guess it’s one of those things where you really need to go through it yourself to understand how truly important faith is in these times too. It’s reassuring to know I’ll have Jesus by my side while I wait for the outcome of all of this.

It’s okay to note the fear of losing it all is very real and I have to confess my mind has wandered off with worry at times, that’s being human I guess, my children need their mum.

But somehow you just have to make it through and I know I will. It’s ok to be human through some of the scariest moments in your life but staying true to your heart that belongs to Jesus is the real achievement.

I realised just today that things happen through faith only because our belief in them makes them real. That’s how faith works.

Much so like the magic we seek as a child but as an adult faith is the clutch we hold dear when nothing else makes sense. Faith becomes the ultimate focal point to ensure we don’t perish into the pits of hell life sometimes throws us into.

And I have to tell you hell feels closer than ever while the devil skips around me like a predator but should he dare try to find a way in he’ll be met with the Spirit of Christ and every Angel in heaven sent to protect me not just in life’s worst times but in the good times too.

There’s something incredibly breathtaking about the people Jesus uses as the storytellers of this world, they are unbreakable, they are the chosen ones, God’s people, and they surpass all expectations of what it means to survive the fires of hell every day they wake up!

Let this time in my life become an altar like so many before this one and a memory of a time when hell came knocking on my door again while trying to plague my body with illness and uncertainty only to be met with the wrath of a God who stood baring his life to save mine, again.

There’s no name other than the name of Jesus Christ, He heals, and He proves undoubtedly that not one person who is in Him will suffer or be fearful in the presence of troubling times.

Jesus saves us and He’s going to save me again.

In Jesus’s name Amen…

Outcomes Prayed For by Trisha Rapley

Outcomes Prayed For...

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