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Power To Speech by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 15

"How did you sleep?" "Did you have a good day!" "How did the interview go?" "Did you pass your exam?" "How was your first day?" "Did you enjoy your night?"

Small but impactful questions filled with care and love.

Love isn't just saying "I love you" or "I miss you" it is about the moments that are had in between those words too.

It is about making your presence known even when nothing is said in return. It is important to remember that love is more than just words.

It is an act of many actions brought together with words. These questions have the ability to provide your significant other that you care beyond any reasonable doubt about the things that happen in their life.

It is important that we all feel that every day we are checked on and the bond of trust, love, and care is reinforced with kind and loving gestures as these words provide.

It really isn't as simple as saying "I love you!" While the importance of those words ultimately provides a safe and comfortable place to rest our hearts it is the caring nature of our hearts that provides a safe journey for our significant others to follow the path home.

When we show these kinds of gestures it is not only a reassurance that they are cared for and thought about but a way to build trust within them too.

When you truly love someone it shows in so many ways. This is only one of them and to be successful in any relationship or bond all the counterparts need to be in balance to see it through each day.

Ask the question whenever you feel you want to know how things are going for your significant other. It isn't a sign of anything but love.

The Lion and The Rainbow
Power To Speech by Trisha Rapley

Power To Speech...

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