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Prayers For Love by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

I always wonder how many times we've all prayed while being on the ground, down and out, or on our last hope...

No doubt every last one of us... How many of us have prayed when we have received everything we've asked for?

Try to remember we are owed nothing in this world and receiving the things we pray for is the greatest blessing and prayer should always continue no matter what.

Keep your heart always humble, grateful, and hopeful because I am sure we can all agree a grateful heart is a magnet for more than one miracle.

Say, thank you, God bless, your welcome, please, and my pleasure as often as you can. If when receiving your blessing you can share it with others do so.

It helps build hope in others' hearts. Almost like a domino effect... Offer people the chance to believe through seeing your blessings and miracles.

Always... I mean always know that God is the reason behind your blessings and the result of prayers is your faith in him.

Trust that no matter how difficult you think something is to attain that God works every day to make things happen for you.

God is good and God loves you. Always remember that as you go to sleep and wake each day.

The Lion and The Rainbow
Prayers For Love by Trisha Rapley

Prayers For Love...

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