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Single Mum Love by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

Falling in love with a single mum definitely isn't for the faint-hearted... It can be a battle like nothing you've ever encountered before!

Single mums love differently and they are very careful who they bring into their children's world.

She'll study you, pull who you are apart from, constantly be checking to see how you react to certain situations, and be analyzing your every move.

She knows that loving you can come at a huge price so she needs to be damn sure you are right for her and her kids.

If a single mum ever sends you photos of her and her kids or even just her kids please never diminish that with false hope or as a joke.

"Sending you photos of my children is sacred. These little people are my everything, my world, and sharing them and their photos is something very few ever get!"

A single mum has so much to lose if things don't work out. Not only will her heart get broken but so will all theirs.... The heartbreak is that of not one heart but many.

So please when falling or loving a single mum know that she is one of the bravest women on earth to not only allow you into her heart but her children's too.

Raise those kids as your own and love them the same way you would as if they were yours all along. Show them that loving them is a blessing and never allow them to doubt your love.

Just a little reminder you can't just love her, keep her or treasure her. Her heart belongs to her children so if loving a single mum is what you want you have to love them all.

"Equally, completely, and fully, and for this to work you'll have to be all in."

There is nothing more unattractive to a strong, independent single mum than a man who says one thing and stands for another.

Be prepared for her to stand her ground with decisions based on her children. She's not used to having someone to go to or someone that has her back.

So if there is ever a time where you don't know your place just stand beside her so she knows you are there.

"A mother's heart will always belong to her children. So if she ever lets you in know it is forever..."

Single Mum Love...

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The Lion and The Rainbow
Single Mum Love by Trisha Rapley

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