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Your Person by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

The right person for you will inspire you not all at once but slowly and steadily over time, never leaving you without feeling whole.

They will be the blessings you prayed for more than once, a true gift from God sent to remove the layers of yourself that are no longer serving you.

Some remain for days while others stay for years, but regardless of the time spent in your life, the impact is so significant it'll leave you speaking their name for the remainder of your life.

It'll be the small imprints of love left from each time they either return or go and the way the magic of their energy lingers within your heart and soul.

I used to rush these moments, fearing holding on was the only way to enjoy them, and to be honest, it took me a long time to learn it's savouring the moment with a slow love and acceptance that gives you the biggest impact.

That slow savouring brings the biggest change and over time the greatest healing. It's okay to enjoy things at a pace that is comfortable for you, but please don't rush something that was worth the time it took to attain.

All great things take time, Love, Happiness, Connections, and Memories make sure the time spent being thankful for them is slow, and with Jesus in your heart.

After all the miracles through these blessings belong to Him...

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Your Person by Trisha Rapley

Your Person...

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