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Your Special Person by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

It's silly to ever think we were created to be alone. We really weren't.

If you are alone right now I want to remind you that someone is out there praying for the exact person you are right now.

They have a picture of you in their mind and it makes them smile.

You'll mean everything to them and they'll never leave you feeling unloved or questioning anything about yourself.

You will be more than enough for them. And by the time they arrive in your life, you'll be ready to receive every inch of their love.

So until they arrive work on your goals, your dreams, and being the greatest person for you and them.

God's timing is perfect and it's a good idea to make sure everything in your life is balanced when your special person arrives.

Purple flowers with green leaves
Your Special Person by Trisha Rapley

Your Special Person...

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